Terms & Condition

Reservation Policy:

  1. A reservation is not deemed as confirmed, unless a 100% amount is paid in advance, towards the room package at the time of booking.
  2. 100% of the total room tariff and chartering cost must be paid upfront, at least 1 week in advance.
  3. In the case of non-compliance to above, the booking can be cancelled at the discretion of the hotel at any time.
  4. Agreement of full & final clearance of the bill before check-out either through cash or card.
  5. Any postponement of the booking will be treated as cancellation & will be governed by the Cancellation Policy.
  6. Hotel management retains the right to confirm, cancel, amend or refuse any booking at their discretion, without providing any prior notice to a customer or third party booker.
  7. The Hotel Management reserves the right to change or modify any/all rates & inclusion structures for any current or future bookings at any given time. Packages & rates offered to any individual/organization are deemed as confidential & non-shareable information & the recipient is prohibited from divulging the information to any other party/ individual/ organization at any time today or in the future.


Cancellation Policy:

  1. Once a reservation is confirmed, it may be cancelled free of charge up till 15 days before the date of arrival.
  2. Cancellation charges of 25% on the total billing of the room package, will be levied on cancellations made 2 weeks before the date of arrival.
  3. 50%, if cancelled 1 week before check-in.
  4. 100%, if cancelled 3 days before check-in.
  5. Credit/Debit card cancellations will be charged 5% extra.
  6. In case of any cancellation, the service tax of 12.36% (in addition to the minimum 25% cancellation charges of the hotel) will have to be retained as it is to be paid by us to the authorities by the 5th of the next month.

Should you like any further details, please do touch base with us.